Patient Quotes

Why Dr. Santoliva Became a Doctor of Chiropractic

“I felt as if my whole body was bound up like a twisted metal can. I was unable to move without excruciating pain,” she said.

What Dr. Santoliva’s Chiropractic Patients Are Saying

“At the age of 19, I fell off a horse and broke my back. My doctor told me I would never walk again.”

“Back in Action − That’s what I am! After years of dealing with back pain the wrong way, I’m finally back in action!”

“Dr. Santoliva saved our daughter’s life when the medical doctors quit."

“I was thrilled to find exceptional doctors and staff at Back in Action Wellness Center. They are truly a cut above the rest.”

What Staci Cousert's Massage Therapy Patients Are Saying

“I highly recommend going to experience a little bit of heaven in her capable hands.”
-Lynn K., Crestwood

“Thanks so much for the amazing massage last week!”
-Laina V., Oak Lawn

“Staci, you gave me the very best, most therapeutic massage I have ever had in my life!”
-Mary H., Blue Island

"Staci is really devoted to helping people who not only want an enjoyable and relaxing massage, but also who need it for pain management.
-Monica K., Evergreen Park, IL