Why Dr. Santoliva Became a Doctor of Chiropractic

A traumatic spine injury from a car accident left Dr. Santoliva with whiplash and three herniated discs in her late teens. "The unbearable pain was debilitating. I felt as if my whole body was bound up like a twisted metal can. I was unable to move without excruciating pain,” she said.

Varsovia saw five different neurosurgeons. Each recommended immediate surgery. She learned she only had a 50% chance of successful surgery, and after two years, she might need more surgery. Respecting her concerns, one doctor suggested trying chiropractic, followed by surgery if chiropractic didn’t work. The fifth chiropractor she tried used different chiropractic adjustment methods than the others, combined with traction and acupuncture.

Varsovia felt 70% better after her first visit.

The chiropractic adjustments realigned the joints misaligned from the accident, and retrained nerves and muscles to balance correctly again instead of going into spasm. Chiropractic combined with traction helped get her discs back into place so her body could heal correctly, naturally. Acupuncture was used to open everything up and release the pain.

Varsovia faithfully went for treatments for three months to allow the time needed to undo the trauma of the accident and re-train her body not to return to the injured, misaligned positions it was shocked into by the accident. Her nerve and muscle memories had to relearn healthy functioning instead of flashing back to the injury. In time, her body was able to heal in good alignment and was restored to complete health. She maintains her healthy spine with chiropractic adjustments twice a month and she feels great!

Because of this experience, Dr. Santoliva ended up dedicating her life to being a great chiropractor. She is deeply committed to helping her patients like she was helped, to get back in action, pain free.