Krushenka Miller

Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT, LE)

Healing Therapeutic Massage

Krushenka Miller, LMT, LE is a vital part of our wellness team. She approaches patient care holistically, by providing the benefits of therapeutic massage in combination with chiropractic and related therapies offered at Back in Action Wellness Center, so patients can get back in action as soon as possible.

From stress relief to specific injury and soreness issues, Krushenka employs her extensive practical knowledge of human anatomy. She practices light to deep pressure therapeutic massage with great sensitivity to each patient’s personal preferences and needs for relaxation and healing. She incorporates stretches, myo-fascial, trigger point and selected Eastern (Shiatsu) principles and techniques into her sessions as needed by each patient.

Krushenka has already helped over 400 satisfied patients. She treats patients of all ages.

“Thanks so much for the amazing massage last week!”
-Laina V., Oak Lawn