Patient Quotes About Staci

“Staci is an awesome massage therapist! I highly recommend going to experience a little bit of heaven in her capable hands.”
-Lynn K., Crestwood

“Thanks so much for the amazing massage last week! You definitely worked out everything that needed to be worked out and helped me relax. The best part is that I still felt great for the rest of the week, which I've never been able to say before after getting a massage. Thank you!”
-Laina V., Oak Lawn

“Staci, you gave me the very best, most therapeutic massage I have ever had in my life! I can’t believe how many knots and cramps you were able to work out of my back in one session (and how many you were able to release that I didn’t even know were there!). I feel so much better; my pain is almost gone completely!!”
-Mary H., Blue Island

“Staci is an awesome massage therapist! When you first meet her, she takes the time to listen to where your pain points are, and asks questions so she can better identify the best approach to your massage. Past therapists I used insisted on full body massage when all I really wanted was intense massage treatment for lower back pain.

That said, she also informs you of how muscles are linked so that it makes sense to massage areas that you may not think need attention for your particular ache! You can tell that she is really devoted to helping people who not only want an enjoyable and relaxing massage, but also who need it for pain management.

She’s also very warm and friendly and that puts her clients at ease! I highly recommend that you choose her as your therapist!”
-Monica K., Evergreen Park, IL